Forms for Parents

Forms & Consents
There are various forms that parents may need to refer to, or complete, while their child is with us:
eSchools App
Here at Penryn Primary we try to improve how we communicate with you by finding new ways to share information. Our newest step into the 21st Century has taken us to the eSchools app which will allow:

  • School to send letters home
  • School to send notifications
  • Parents to view attendance
  • Parents to view behaviour & achievements
  • Parents to view school calendar
  • Parents to view class projects
  • Parents to complete surveys and questionnaires
  • If you are interested in trying this out with us then please feel free to have a look on the eSchools website for more in-depth information (found here).

Or you can go straight to downloading the app from either the App Store or Google play.
If you would like to use the app email us and we will get you a username, just click here!