Class information

We have a wonderful, committed staff at Penryn Primary Academy, who respond to our children's needs. Support staff are deployed across the school according to need. 
Our Nursery is led by Mrs. Barnicoat-Hall.
In Reception, the lead teachers are Mrs. Brittain and Miss. Bush.
The Year 1 teachers are: Mrs. Parsons; Mrs. Blizzard and Mrs. Rogers, who job share and Mrs. Sefton and Mrs. Burt, who also job share. 
Our Year 2 teachers are Mr. Lee, Mrs. Duncan and Miss. Sidaway 
Miss. Keifer and Miss. Parker are our Year 3 teachers.
Mr. Knowles works alongside Mrs. Wheeler and Mr. Taylor who job share in Year 4.
Mr. Carey, Mrs. Chan and Miss. Symons work in Year 5. 
In Year 6 Mr. Pascoe and Miss. Wetherelt are our teachers. 
Mrs. Miles is the lead teacher in the Area Resource Base. 
Our talented support staff are:
Mrs. Langsford, Miss. Collins, Mrs. Turner and Mrs. Plummer, who predominately work in EYFS. 
Miss. Rimmell, Mrs. Campbell Mrs. St. Clair, Mr. Newcombe, Mrs. Stephens and Mrs. Clare are our Key Stage 1 team. 
Mrs. Rosevear, Miss. Martin, Mrs. Rogers, Mrs. Morcom, Mrs. Hamshaw, Mrs. Oldfield, Mr. Head and Miss. Ross are our KS2 support team.
Mrs. Johnson, Miss. Williams and Mr. Waide work in our Area Resource Base as support staff. 
Mr. Barnett and Miss. Hughes are our TiS practitioners who work across the school supporting the children and their needs.