Staying Safe Online Guidance

We all know how fun it is scrolling through the internet, playing games and chatting to our friends on social networking sites but unfortunately the internet also comes with many dangers and we, as a school, feel it is important for both children and parents to be aware of any such dangers. Below you can find useful links to pages that offer help and awareness of how you and your children can stay safe online. - HM Government – this site provides excellent advice on how to protect yourself, your family and your business. - UK delivers safe results from, powered by Google. - Find out to set up privacy settings for children accessing games via Xbox LIVE. - find out what children are doing online, issues that might be affecting children, how to take action. - provides trustworthy and reliable age appropriate media reviews - videos, games and films. - online e-Safety learning for the whole family. - hot topics and how to get to grips with digital issues. - UK Safer Internet. - online magazine which contains helpful advice for parents and carers – setting up controls, latest technology, reporting routines. - helpful advice and tools.