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We offer specialist provision for pupils with an EHCP plan from EYFS through to the end of KS2.

In Gweek class we cover the full range of primary academic subjects, the 7 EYFS areas for learning and development, and the 5 Engagement Model areas. All learning is differentiated to meet our pupils’ individual needs and presented in ways which motivate and encourage engagement with the activities at hand, whether this is making marks in gloop or adding together the total for the weeks snack shopping and working out the change.

Communication and language is a core part of our curriculum and an integral part of our classroom practice. All staff use Makaton, and symbols are integrated throughout the classroom and school. Pupil’s needs are assessed on an individual basis and alternative and augmentative communication strategies, high and low tech, are used as appropriate.

Pupils sensory and physical needs are met through tailored programs of support and activities intertwined throughout the normal day. Pupils have access to a range of sensory items which both stimulate and calm the senses and individual and group activities are planned to develop pupils’ physical abilities and address their sensory needs. We have our own purpose-built sensory room which provides our pupils with physical and mental stimulus at a wide range of levels. The sensory room also provides excellent opportunities to develop communication and language skills, explore scientific topics such as light and sound and work on social skills.

Pupils will take part in forest school sessions every other week.  We have an onsite swimming pool which our KS2 pupils access on a weekly basis. We regularly work with Falmouth Art Gallery to take part in workshops, building towards the achievement of the Arts Awards and pupils have the opportunity to visit ASDA regularly to buy the class snack for the week. These activities develop learning through holistic experiences, fostering and developing gross/fine motor skills and social and emotional growth while expanding the pupils’ knowledge of curriculum subjects, allowing them to generalise their learning outside the classroom. 

Every pupil in Gweek has a link class within the school. Throughout the school year our pupils spend time learning alongside and socialising with their peers from around the school and within their link classes. Every pupils' link class timetable is completely individual and builds around what is appropriate for them. Currently, these timetables are reduced due to our bubble system but we will keep you informed of any changes as we move through the school term. 

We look forward to working with your children this academic year. As always if you have any questions or would like to find out more about our provision please get in touch.

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