Penryn Primary Academy

Year 3 & 4: Polzeath; Year 4: Godrevy

Mrs Chan

Class Teacher

Miss Symons

Class Teacher

Mrs Rogers


Miss Martin


Welcome to Godrevy (Y4) and Polzeath (Y3/4)

PE, Forest School & Swimming:

PE, Forest School and swimming are part of our school curriculum and every pupil should be taking part in these activities. Below is a list so you know on which days these are. This ensures that both PE and swimming kits as well as any Forest School kit such as wellies are in school on the appropriate days.

* Indoor PE will take place every Monday afternoon.

* Forest School and Swimming will be every other Tuesday afternoon.

Homework & Reading Records:

We will begin with MyMaths homework, which will be set every Friday and will be due back in on the following Thursday.

Reading records will be collected in on Friday mornings so that they can be checked. Your child should be reading at home as much as possible in order to progress through the Reading Karate initiative.

This year, the optional topic grid has been introduced, which we encourage all children to take part as they are fun activities to enjoy.

Library sessions:

Your child will usually be able to change their reading book in the school library during library hours after lunch. However, your child should bring their reading book and reading record to school with them every day and may change their book as often as required.

Healthy eating:

Your child’s drink bottle at school shall go with them to their next class. As part of our healthy eating initiative, only water is allowed at school and if possible, nutritious snacks for daily tuck.