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Art and Design Technology

The intent of our art curriculum is to deliver a curriculum which is accessible to all and that will maximise the development of every child’s ability and academic achievement in the area of Art. Art allows our children to be creative, using their imagination, providing children the opportunity to develop intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially. 


  • We provide opportunities for children to express themselves through a range of artistic styles.
  • We encourage our children to take a pride in their own achievements and to respect their own and others’ work. By looking at the work of other artists, children will be helped to understand that there is no “correct model” and that art is a response to the world around us. 
  • To use the work of children and established artists to provide a colourful and stimulating environment throughout the school. 
  • To encourage pupils’ development of creative, imaginative and practical skills through a balanced programme of art, craft and design activities, working individually, in groups and as a whole class.  
  • To extend pupil understanding of how ideas and feelings can be communicated in visual, and sometimes tactile experiences.
To see how Art, Design & Technology is being taught throughout the school, take a look at our year group class pages and their curriculum coverage maps.

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