Our renewed Forest School accreditation means lots of fantastic outdoor learning opportunities for every Penryn Primary explorer!


At Penryn Primary Academy our intent for Physical Education is that every child will have the opportunity to take part in physical activity on a regular basis and become more physically confident and competent. We intend that, through all the sporting opportunities and physical activity we offer, the children will potentially develop a love and passion for sport and continue this into their later lives.

PE and Sport form an integral part of our school life both within the curriculum and beyond. We want to teach children the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle and the benefits that it can bring.


Teachers design and implement their own PE lessons ensuring they are engaging and fun. There is a consistency and clear progression in key skills that children learn throughout their time at Penryn Primary and children are encouraged to apply these skills in a variety of individual and team games.


Years 3 to 6 have swimming lessons fortnightly throughout the whole year, utilizing the excellent facility we have at our disposal, with Year 2 starting their swimming journey in the summer term. It is our aim to have every child being able to competently swim above the recommended 25m by the time they leave Year 6.


Here at Penryn Primary, we are lucky to be part of 2 great partnerships: ASPIRE Academy Trust & Penryn and Peninsula School Partnership. Most of the sporting festivals and tournaments that we take part in are organised and run by Penryn College and our links and transition to Penryn as a secondary are very strong. We also take part in various ASPIRE organised sporting festivals and tournaments.


At Penryn we enjoy taking part in lots of different sports in and out of school. We have our amazing netball, football, basketball, hockey and cross-country teams alongside our competitive swimmers, gymnasts and athletes who take part in events across the county and inter-school events with local schools.


PE and Sport are an integral part of our school and we hope that this continues to grow in the future and prepare our children for an active life after Penryn Primary.


To see how PE is being taught throughout the school, take a look at our year group class pages and their curriculum coverage maps.

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