School Uniform


Grey or black skirt or grey or black trousers, red sweatshirt or cardigan, white blouse/shirt or polo shirt, grey or black socks/ tights and black school shoes.


Red gingham dress or red gingham skirt, black skirt or trousers with red or white polo shirt or blouse, grey or black socks/tights and black school shoes.

Grey or black shorts or trousers with red or white polo shirt or white shirt, grey or black socks and black school shoes.


Plain T-shirt, black shorts, plimsolls or trainers. A coloured (house) t-shirt will be provided when you first register with the school, additional house t-shirts can be purchased from the school uniform shop.


One-piece swimsuit, swimming hat and swimming trunks (not boardshorts). Swimming hats must be worn in the school swimming pool at all times, these can be purchased from the school office or many local retailers.


Black school shoes with black laces (not high-heeled shoes, for safety reasons)


Make-up is not allowed and jewellery should be kept to a minimum (we cannot be held responsible for any jewellery lost) and removed for PE and Swimming. Students with pierced ears may wear small, plain studs. No ring type sleepers or other earrings that in anyway protrude from the ear which could cause injury to the wearer. The child must be able to remove the studs for PE themselves or (in the case of newly pierced ears) be able to cover them with tape.

Please could all items of clothing and personal belongings be clearly labelled with your child's name.

Children often use paint or clay, and we need something to keep their uniforms clean - a large old shirt is ideal.

Uniform with the school logo can be purchased from:
Alternatively, jumpers and cardigans without a school logo can been worn and purchased from many clothing outlets/supermarkets.

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