At Penryn Primary Academy, we believe everyone can achieve in maths, by following a mastery curriculum. Our vision and aim is to instil a love for maths in children and provide them with an environment where they can achieve their full potential, making cross-curricular and real contextual links with maths and the real world. Every child will develop a sound understanding of maths, equipping them with the skills of fluency, reasoning and problem solving that they need in life beyond school. We have a consistent approach to maths, where teachers embed fluency, reasoning and problem solving into their daily lessons. In lessons, children receive quality inputs from teachers and answer small step questions in a paper strip format. Children use manipulatives to support their mathematical understanding and use a variety of different resources. Every Monday, children receive an arithmetic session, where they can focus on the fundamental elements of maths. The teachers strive to improve the children’s confidence and competence with completing arithmetic quickly, increasing rapid recall facts and ensuring the children have a deeper understanding of the mathematical concept by adhering to the three aims. This guarantees that children will be able to progress and transfer their mathematical skills into their long term memory. At Penryn, we endeavour to fuel our children with a love for maths and support them in their next step in their education.


To see how Maths is being taught throughout the school, take a look at our year group class pages and their curriculum coverage maps.

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