Special Educational Needs

At Penryn Primary Academy all children are valued, respected and welcomed to our school whatever their additional educational need. We will support their learning and ensure they are fully included in all school activities, making full use of externally provided facilities where appropriate.
How we support pupils with Individual or Special Needs
If a class teacher feels that a pupil requires support or input that is more than what is provided within the classroom then they should discuss their concerns with the parents. Actions may be agreed as part of that discussion, and it may be useful to set up a review date to discuss progress made and any possible next steps. At this stage, if there is a clear, identified need that has not been addressed through the actions agreed, the pupil may be put on the Record of Need and outside agency involvement discussed.

Mrs Stoddard, as SENCo, will also become part of the process at this point.

We hope to support parents and pupils through this process, explaining each step as it happens, and providing resources and support materials, if requested.

Individual Education Plans (IEP’s)

An IEP is a supporting document that should contain between one and three targets that are designed to help pupils make progress. They might relate to literacy or numeracy, to behaviour or to a physical or social need. All targets are set with the intention of helping a pupil to move on to the next stage and removing barriers to their learning.

As SENCo, Mrs Stoddard will work alongside class teachers, pupils and parents to review IEPs termly for all pupils on the record of need. Class teachers meet with parents at Open Evenings to discuss the IEPs that have been created.
How you can help to support your child

You know your child the best. If there are certain ways in which we can do things that will further support your child, do let us know. There are set Open Evenings every term, but teachers are always happy to meet with parents.

School life is very busy, so we do ask that you make an appointment to see your child's teacher via Mrs Meek in the office.

If you need to speak with someone urgently, please contact Iona Stoddard.  Her email address is iona.stoddard@penrynprimary.org. Alternatively, you can telephone us on 01326 373290.
Iona Stoddard (SENCo) and Lisa Hollis (Parent Support Worker) are usually available.


Provision for Gifted and Talented Children

Children with specific gifts or talents will be given opportunities to reach their full potential and their progress and attainment will be monitored as a key group within the school. The academy staff will be provided with appropriate training and support so that they effectively identify and meet the needs of G&T pupils in school. This training will focus on refining the use of teaching strategies to engage G&T pupils at an appropriate level, including the use of higher order questioning.

In addition the academy will provide a targeted and co-ordinated schedule of varied enrichment opportunities including:

  • working alongside G&T pupils from other schools
  • taking part in outreach workshops with local university staff
  • sharing their learning with peers during class-time
  • spending time with visiting specialists and experts
  • going on trips or visits to enrich their learning
  • intervention group activities